Black women could triple their numbers in Washington Legislature

New PAC Looks To Help Change Political Landscape By Supporting Women Of Color

Opportunity PAC Launches to get Black Women Elected

Kent’s Das helps launch Opportunity PAC to get Black women elected

Group supports state House, Senate candidates

Black women legislators are rare in statehouses. This could be the solution.

Black women made history in this election cycle


Senator T'wina Nobles

Representative T'wina Nobles

Representative Kirsten Talley-Harris

Representative Jamila Taylor

    No candidate authorized this event. It is paid for by Opportunity PAC, 401 2nd Ave S, #303, Seattle, WA 98104. Top 5 contributors: WEA PAC (Top Contributor: WEA), Justice for All PAC (Top Contributors: GLP Attorneys, Rebecca J Rose, Luvera Law Firm), Susan Benson, Melvin Flowers,  SEIU 775 Quality Care Committee (Top Contributors: SEIU Committee on Political Education, SEIU, Ingrid for State Senate)