September 15

Black womxn have been the most consistent voters in the Democratic party and if the nation had followed their lead, we would be in a place where lives would have been saved, health care would be available to all, and schools and families would have the focus where it's needed: on the thriving of our incredible youth.  Opportunity PAC seeks to provide financial and networking supports to the campaigns of Black womxn. We aim to ensure that more caring voices are part of critical policy decisions at all levels of government.

Support These Incredible Women!


The Democratic Electorate has been led in the past 30 years by Black Voters, particularly Black Womxn. Black communities need representation in the "room where it happens."

We have a terrific opportunity to multiply the number of Black womxn in the Washington State House this year. We could add a Black Senator for the first time since 2010.

In a world demanding justice, the election of these Democratic Black womxn to our legislature will provide access for many disenfranchised voters.

Thank you to these brave womxn who stepped up to run in 2020 and represent their communities.  We look forward to supporting the women who run in 2021!

Tanisha Harris, 17th Legislative District (House)

Joy Pratt Stanford, 26th Legislative District (House)

T'wina Nobles, 28th Legislative District (Senate)

Rep. Melanie Morgan, 29th Legislative District (Re-Elect for House)

Jamila Taylor, 30th Legislative District (House)

Kirsten Harris-Talley, 37th Legislative District (House)

April Berg, 44th Legislative District (House)

Rep. Debra Entenman, 47th Legislative District (Re-Elect for House)