Opportunity PAC

A Political Action Committee Focused on Electing Black Women to Public Office in Washington State


Announcing 2021 Endorsed Candidates


Black womxn have been the most consistent voters in the Democratic party and if the nation had followed their lead, we would be in a place where lives would have been saved, health care would be available to all, and schools and families would have the focus where it's needed: on the thriving of our incredible youth.  Opportunity PAC seeks to provide financial and networking supports to the campaigns of Black womxn. We aim to ensure that more caring voices are part of critical policy decisions at all levels of government.


"If you don't have a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

Shirley Chisholm


Our mission, vision, values

We care about Black lives; we care about Black justice; we see that there is inadequate representation in the legislative and court system, therefore…



Opportunity PAC seeks to amplify the campaigns of Black womxn as they seek election to public office. 



We envision a world where womxn hold more than 51% of elected roles.



Full representation means multiple seats at leadership tables. 


Equity means womxn must be in decision-making roles today.


Inclusion is when collaboration is a normal way of business.


We go HIGH!

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No candidate authorized this event. It is paid for by Opportunity PAC, 401 2nd Ave S, #303, Seattle, WA 98104. Top 5 contributors: WEA PAC (Top Contributor: WEA), Justice for All PAC (Top Contributors: GLP Attorneys, Rebecca J Rose, Luvera Law Firm), Susan Benson, Melvin Flowers,  SEIU 775 Quality Care Committee (Top Contributors: SEIU Committee on Political Education, SEIU, Ingrid for State Senate)